We offer a great variety of promotional sweets to you and to your partners or customers: bonbons, lollies, chocolate pralines, chewing gums, boxes of mints and other attractive food products in many sizes, shapes and packaging.

We can brand our promotional sweet products. Basically all products can be branded at least with 1 color. We are using different printing technologies like offset, flexo print, sublimation and others.

Sweet products have different shelf life. Bonbons, mints and lollipops have usually 2 years, chocolates about 12 months. We always inform you what is the guaranteed shelf life for your chosen product.

Have a look for more info about bonbons and lollipops.

Get inspired by our promo chocolates, promo pralines and promo chocolate boxes.

Very popular sweet presents are metal tins filled with mints, peppermint, pastilles or jellies.

Finally we provide products for restaurants, hotels and cafés. We produce sugar sticks and sachet, 5 g chocolates, caramel biscuits and other products that complement your tea or coffee.