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Čokoládové 3D puzzle - zajíček
3D Easter Bunny Choco Puzzle 3D Easter Bunny Choco Puzzle in promotional box Chocolate 3D puzzle – bunny Product size: 238 x 195 x 30 mm Weight: 120 g Minimum order: 100 pcs Flavour: milk chocolate

3D Easter Bunny Choco Puzzle

Čokoládka v mini velikonoční krabičce
Chocolates in Hare Boxes Small chocolates packed individually in bunny-shaped cardboard boxes Small chocolates in bunny-shaped cardboard boxes Product size: 65 x 35 x 40 mm Weight: 10 Minimum order: 2 000 pcs Available types and flavours: star-shaped: cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla; golden pralines/hearts: mix

Chocolates in Hare Boxes

Čokoládová kraslice s logem v reklamní krabičce
Easter Egg Premium Easter egg packed in transparent envelope with logo Product size: 175 x 177 x 25 mm Weight: : 60 g Minimum order: 100 pcs Flavour: milky and white

Easter Egg Premium

Čokoládové kraslice v reklamní krabičce
Easter Set Two-piece cupboard Three delicious Belgian chocolates in Easter egg shape with promotional print Three delicious Belgian in Easter egg shape Product size: 57 x 42 x 16 mm Weight: 75 g Minimum order: 200 pcs Flavour: milky or white

Easter Set

Želé zajíčci v reklamním sáčku
Fruit jelly mini-bag Fruit jelly mini-bag, 10g, standard shapes Fruit jelly mini-bag with promotional print Product size: 70 x 105 mm Weight: 15 g Minimum order: 3 150 pcs Flavour: fruit mix

Fruit jelly mini-bag

Čokoládoví zajíčci v plechové krabičce
Premium-Box with deep-drawn component, print 6 chocolate bunnies in promotional box Hinged-lid metal box filled with chocolate bunnies Product size: 110 x 100 x 19 mm Weight: 30 g Minimum order: 140 pcs Flavour: milk chocolate

Premium-Box with deep-drawn component, print

Čokoldový zajíček s reklamním návlekem
Gubor Easter bunny Chocolate Easter bunny in a display nest with advertising space Chocolate Easter bunny in a display nest Product size: 42 x 88 x 75 mm Weight: 20 g Minimum order: 532 pcs Flavour: milk chocolate

Gubor Easter bunny

Čokoládový zajíček v reklamní obálce
Promo-Wrap Heart, easter bunny in an eye-catching hideout with promotional print Heart, Easter bunny in promotional greeting Product size: 65 x 55 x 12 mm Weight: 5 g Minimum order: 1 000 pcs Flavour: milk chocolate


Želé zajíček v sáčku
Fruit jelly Easter rabbit Single fruit jelly standard shapes Single fruit jelly in shape of Easter rabbit Single fruit jelly in shape of Easter rabbit Product size: 45 x 120 mm Weight: : 12 g Minimum order: 3 000 pcs Flavour: mix orange, lemon, pineapple, apple

Fruit jelly Easter rabbit

Čokoládový velikonoční zajíček různých velikostí
Bunny Small Easter Bunny in alu-foil, massive chocolate. The foil is printed with differently designed bunnies Height: 75 mm Weight: 6 g Minimum order: 560 pcs

Bunny Small

Figurka velikonočního zajíčka z nugátu
Gold Bunny Mini Gold Bunny Mini in gold foil Sitting Nougat Bunny in gold foil Height 45 mm Weight: 10 g Minimum order: 600 pcs

Gold Bunny Mini

Dutá čokoládová figurka sedícího velikočního zajíčka - různé velikosti
Sitting Bunny, large Hollow Sitting Bunny in printed alu-foil Sitting bunny, hollow chocolate form, printed alu-foil Sitting bunny -hollow chocolate form. Product size: 210 mm Weight: 150 g Minimum order: 260 pcs

Sitting Bunny, large

Čokoládová vajíčka různých velikostí
Easter Egg Mini Easter chocolate egg wrapped in printed foil Hollow Easter chocolate egg Height: 30 mm Weight: 6 g Minimum order: 270 pcs

Easter Egg Mini

Čokoláda ve tvaru berušky
Ladybird A ladybird in chocolate covered by printed foil   A ladybird in massive chocolate Product size: 50 x 34 x 14 mm Weight: 12 g Minimum order: 250 pcs


Čokoládové lízátko
Choco Lolly Product size: Ø 62 mm Minimum order: 500 pcs Flavour: milk or dark chocolate

Choco Lolly