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Lemon Hard Candies
Orange & Lemon Hard Candies Hard candies with fruit juice filling Lemon Hard Candies Weight: : 6,2 g Minimum order: 50 kg Flavour: orange and lemon

Orange & Lemon Hard Candies

Reklamní plátkové žvýkačky
Chewing Gum- Leafs Chewing gum in silver laminate and label with promotional print.   Promotional chewing gum Weight: 3 g Minimum order: 2 000 pcs Flavour: mint, fruit

Chewing Gum- Leafs

Adventní kalendář s čokoládovými čtverečky
Advent calendar with chocolate Advent Calendar with 24 windows Packaging can be personalised according to your requirements Advent Calendar A4 75g, 23+1 Product size: 346 x 245 x 10 mm Weight: 75 g Flavour: milk chocolate

Advent calendar with chocolate

Kitten’s kiss
Kitten’s kiss Kitten’s kiss with milk and white chocolate Chocolate Kitten’s kiss Weight: : 100 g Minimum order: 200 pcs Flavour: milk chocolate

Kitten’s kiss

Reklamní aperitiv Hugo di Lucia
Hugo di Lucia Sparkling wine with taste of elder, lime and mint Promotional drink Hugo di Lucia Volume: 0,2 / 0,75 l Product size: Ø 55, v 195 mm / Ø 85, v 290 mm Minimum order: 120 pcs Alcohol Volume: 8 %

Hugo di Lucia

Pivo citron a limetka s reklamní etiketou
Promotional beer in transparent bottle Promotional beer with tast of citron and lime Premium beer Volume: 0,33 l Minimum order: 960 pcs Alcohol Volume: 2,9 % Glass colour: green, brown, transparent

Promotional beer in transparent bottle

Zlaté mentolky v reklamní plechovce
Promotional round tin Round tin gold coloured mints with promotional print Promotional round tin gold coloured mints Product size: Ø 50 mm, v 16 mm Weight: 18 g Minimum order: 600 pcs

Promotional round tin

Sušenka Prince v reklamním obalu
Prince Cookie Prince cookie in a foil with promotional print Prince cookie in white or transparent foil with promotional print Product size: 90 x 50 mm Weight: 8 g Minimum order: 5 000 pcs

Prince Cookie

Cookie v reklamním obalu
Chocolate chip cookie in Flowpack Chocolate chip cookie in Flowpack with promotional print Chocolate chip cookie in white or transparant foil Product size: 45 x 90 mm Weight: 7 g Minimum order: 5 000 pcs

Chocolate chip cookie in Flowpack

Smetana do kávy v reklamní tubičce
Creamer Stick Creamer sticks with promotional print Creamer stick in white foil with promotional print Product size: 20 x 100 mm Weight: 2,5 g Minimum order: 6 000 pcs

Creamer Stick

Sweets in Metal Tins
High Tin High tin in silver, filled with peppermint Product size: 81 x 31 x 22 mm Weight: 30 g Minimum order: 264 pcs  

High Tin