Monthly Archives: August 2015

Candy Cane Lollipops Sugar cane lollipops with promotional tag and band Sugar cane lollipops Product size: 140x35x12 mm Weight: 20 g Minimum order: 200 pcs

Candy Cane Lollipops

Cranberry Pyramid Cranberry Pyramid with promotional print Dry Cranberry in Promotional Pyramid Product size: 70 x 70 x 70 mm Weight: 15 g Minimum order: 5 000 pcs

Cranberry Pyramid

Calorie Tablet Calorie Tablet with promotional print Chocolate tablet calories Product size: 175 x 107 x 15 mm Weight: 58 g Minimum order: 100 pcs Flavour: dark chocolate

Calorie Tablet

Fit Oatmeal Cookie Fit Oatmeal Cookie with cranberries and promotional print Sugarless Fit cookie with cranberries and chocolate with promotional print Oatmeal Cookie with promotional print Product size: 100 × 80 mm Minimum order: 2 000 pcs

Fit Oatmeal Cookie

Muesli Cereal Bar Muesli cereal bar with cranberry / nuts Muesli cereal bar in a box with promotional print Product size: 160 × 70 × 18 mm Minimum order: 200 pcs Flavour: cranberry, nuts  

Muesli Cereal Bar

Car box Tea bags in pyramids in car box with promotional print Car box filled with tea bags Product size: 112 x 51 x 66 mm Weight: 50 g Flavour: green or black of fruit tea

Car box

Star Lollipop Christmas Tree Lollipop Star Lollipop or Christmas Tree Lollipop with customer logo Weight: 40 g Minimum order: 500 pcs Flavour: white, milk or dark chocolate

Star Lollipop Christmas Tree Lollipop

Water Bottle 25 cl Various cap colors Small water bottle labeled with promotional print Small water bottle with paper label Volume: 250 ml Minimum order: 216 pcs Various cap colors

Water Bottle 25 cl