Chocolate Bars

Promotional chocolate with individual print, available in many sizes and packaging. Weight ranges from 5 g to 1000 g! Just ask!
Sweet promotional items make your advertising a success! Look at sweet products in our e-shop – Discover now the variety of possibilities to inspire your customers and potential new customers with sweet promotional chocolates for your brand and your products.

Kávové zrnko v čokoládě v reklamním obalu
Promo Presso Individually-wrapped coffee-bean sweet with promotional print Individually-wrapped coffee-bean Coffee-bean sweet with promotional print Product size: 55 x 35 mm Weight: 1,75 g Minimum order: 15 kg

Promo Presso

Čokoládový velikonoční zajíček různých velikostí
Bunny Small Easter Bunny in alu-foil, massive chocolate. The foil is printed with differently designed bunnies Height: 75 mm Weight: 6 g Minimum order: 560 pcs

Bunny Small

Figurka velikonočního zajíčka z nugátu
Gold Bunny Mini Gold Bunny Mini in gold foil Sitting Nougat Bunny in gold foil Height 45 mm Weight: 10 g Minimum order: 600 pcs

Gold Bunny Mini

Dutá čokoládová figurka sedícího velikočního zajíčka - různé velikosti
Sitting Bunny, large Hollow Sitting Bunny in printed alu-foil Sitting bunny, hollow chocolate form, printed alu-foil Sitting bunny -hollow chocolate form. Product size: 210 mm Weight: 150 g Minimum order: 260 pcs

Sitting Bunny, large

Čokoládová vajíčka různých velikostí
Easter Egg Mini Easter chocolate egg wrapped in printed foil Hollow Easter chocolate egg Height: 30 mm Weight: 6 g Minimum order: 270 pcs

Easter Egg Mini

Čokoláda ve tvaru berušky
Ladybird A ladybird in chocolate covered by printed foil   A ladybird in massive chocolate Product size: 50 x 34 x 14 mm Weight: 12 g Minimum order: 250 pcs


Vánoční čokoláda ve tvaru soba
Reindeer Reindeer in massive Christmas chocolate Chocolate Reindeer Product size: 65 x 60 x 15 mm Weight: 6 g Minimum order: 500 pcs  


Čokoládové kuličky v reklamním tubusu s potiskem
Logo-Loller with chocolate balls Chocolate crispy balls in logo-Roller Logo-Roller with chocolate crispy balls Product size: Ø 56 x 64 mm Weight: 50 g Minimum order: 500 pcs

Logo-Loller with chocolate balls

Čokoládoví Mikuláši různých velikostí
Chocolate Santa Claus Nikolo M 6 Chocolate Santa Claus in different sizes Santa Claus in chocolate, massive Height: 4 – 26 cm Weight: 5,5 – 150 g Minimum order: according to size (small figures 600 pcs,biggest figures pcs)

Chocolate Santa Claus Nikolo M 6

Reklamní čokoládový zvoneček
Gold Bell Christmas chocolate Gold Bell Gold Bell in massive chocolate Product size: 60 x 50 x 10 mm Weight: 12 g Minimum order: 500 pcs

Gold Bell

Čokoládová kulička s papírovou ozdobou ve tvaru hvězdy
Chocolate Starlight Chocolate Half sphere in a shape of starlight Product size: 55 x 55 x 20 mm Weight: 6 g Minimum order: 540 pcs

Chocolate Starlight

Vánoční čokoládové kuličky
Christmas chocolate Spheres Christmas chocolate Spheres, small Xmas chocolate spheres with strings Xmas chocolate spheres, hollow chocolate in printed alu-foil Product size: 30 mm Weight: 10 g Minimum order: 200 pcs

Christmas chocolate Spheres