Promotional lollipops with customized print. The lollies can be made into many shapes with many tastes. Just ask!
Look at sweet products in our e-shop – Discover now the variety of possibilities to inspire your customers and potential new customers with sweet promotional lollipops for your brand and your products.

Star Lollipop Christmas Tree Lollipop Star Lollipop or Christmas Tree Lollipop with customer logo Weight: 40 g Minimum order: 500 pcs Flavour: white, milk or dark chocolate

Star Lollipop Christmas Tree Lollipop

Lollipop on long stick Lollipop on long stick various colours Lollipop on long stick with promotional flag Stick lenght: 250 mm Minimum order: 200 pcs Lollipop Flavour: red, green, blue, yellow, orange, white

Lollipop on long stick

Promotional lollipop
Promotional lollipop Promotional lollipop – Lollipop lipstick with promotional print Product size: 77 mm x 20 mm Weight: 6 g Minimum order: 500 pcs Foil colours: blue, yellow, pink

Promotional lollipop

Kulaté lízátko s fotbalovým obalem
Football Lolly Lolly in standard football wrapper Weight: 18 g Minimum order: 100 ks Further lolly colours: upon request

Football Lolly

Reporter Lollipops Lollipops wrapped in transparent foil Reporter Lollipops with promotional print Lollipops wrapped in transparent foil packed in piramide-shaped cardboard boxes with promotional print Product size:50 x 50 x 50 mm Weight 1 pc: 12 g Minimum order: 2 000 pcs Many different flavours and colours of the lollipops available.

Reporter Lollipops

Kulaté lízátko v reklamní fólii
Lolly Ball Lolly Ball with promotional print Product size: Ø 25 mm Minimum order: 5 000 pcs Flavour: fruit, cola

Lolly Ball

Reklamní tubus s lízátky
A Tube with Lollipops A Tube with Lollipops with promotional print Product size: Ø130, v 150 mm / Ø 115, v 140 mm Content: 5o pcs / 25 pcs Minimum order: 200 pcs

A Tube with Lollipops

Placaté lízátko v reklamní krabičce
Flat Box Lollipop Flat Box Lollipop with promotional print Flat Box Lollipop in promotional box Product size: 52 x 65 x 10 mm Minimum order: 1 000 ks Flavour: fruit

Flat Box Lollipop

Placaté lízátko s logem v průhledné folii
Logo-Lolly Logo-Lolly in transparent foil Product size: Ø 33 mm / Ø 45 mm Weight: 10 g / 20 g Minimum order: 6 300 / 3 000 Flavour: fruit mix Max 10 letters or logo


Ovocné lízátko v reklamním sáčku
Lollipop say “A” Lollipop say “A” with promotional print Lollipop say “A” in promotional bag Product size: 178 x 32 mm Minimum order: 5 000 ks Flavour: fruit

Lollipop say “A”

Mini lízátka v reklamní krabičce
Optima Display Optima Display with customized print   Mini lollipops Optima Display Product size: 130 x 85 x 200 mm Minimum order: 100 pcs Content: 50 Mini Lollipops or 500 g of candies

Optima Display