jam in promotional glass

Sada reklamních marmelád
3 in 1 Jam 3 small glass jars packed as a set in a cardboard box with promotional print Set of promotional jam Product size: 135 x 45 x 53 mm Weight: 120 g Minimum order: 100 sets 3 flavours (strawberry, cherry and raspberry) in a set

3 in 1 Jam

Marmeláda v reklamní sklenici
Cherry Jam 40g Delicious cherry-flavoured jam in small glass with promotional print Jam in small glass jars with silver metal lids and stickers Product size: 50 x 45 mm Weight: 40 g Minimum order: 300 pcs Flavour: strawberry, cherry, rapsberry, fruit mix

Cherry Jam 40g

Marmeláda v reklamním kalíšku
Jam in Cups 25g Fresh jam in white cups packed in boxes with promotional print. Fresh jam in white 25ml cups sealed with aluminum foil Product size: 50 x 50 x 35 mm Weight 1 pc: 25 g Minimum order: 1 000 pcs Flavours: strawberry, cherry, peach, blackcurrant

Jam in Cups 25g