Fitbag XXL delicacies

Fitbag XXL delicacies

Fitbag XXL delicacies with the possibility of printing (your logo).


  • Standing foil packaging made of transparent barrier foil paper coated.
  • String allows multiple opening and closing of the bag.
  • Made of materials: PAP brown Kraft/PET/PE
  • Thick: 40/12/50 um
  • Bag dimension: approx. 110 x 180 mm
  • Marking: adhesive label in the shape of an individual printed with 4 + 0
  • (maximum dimensions of the labels 50 x 90 mm)
  • Content:
  • OPTION A: approx. 100 g mix – peanut, raisin, hazelnut, cashew nut
  • OPTION B: approx. 100 g mix – turkish raisin, peanut premium, hazelnut, cashew nut
  • OPTION C: approx. 100 g mix – Golden Jumbo chilean raisins, premium peanut, californian almond very large, cashew nut
Fitbag XXL delicacies

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