Mini Advent calendar in individual shape

Mini Advent calendar in individual shape

Mini Advent calendar in individual shape with the possibility of printing (your logo).

Description: Give your customers and employees an original gift – an advent calendar in an individual shape filled with delicious chocolates. The originality of this product is not only any printing on the packaging, but above all the front of the calendar made in any shape – for example, a car, laptop, house, Christmas tree etc. and delicious chocolates with any embossing! Each of the 9 chocolates can be made with individual marking – logotype, any short text, or Christmas graphics. The unlimited possibilities that our imagination gives us make it the perfect, sweet gift for everyone. In addition, the calendar is equipped with a stand that you can unfold yourself, and then place the calendar anywhere, ideally at your fingertips 🙂
Calendar front: 4 + 0 overprint
Back of the calendar: white cardboard with printed information about the raw material composition
Dimensions of the package (front): minimum 170 x 160 mm, maximum: 280 x 210 mm (the front can not extend beyond the dimension of the rear part of the calendar more than 60 mm horizontally on each side and 60 mm from the top)
dimension of the back part of the calendar: 160 x 140 x 9 mm
Content: 9 chocolates with an individual motif. Each chocolate can have a different press (included) or standard Christmas themes
Dimension of a single chocolate: 30 x 30 mm
Taste of chocolate: milk
Net weight: approx. 35 g

Mini Advent calendar in individual shape

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