MM’s Choco Mini Bag

MM’s Choco Mini Bag

MM’s Choco Mini Bag with the possibility of printing (your logo).

  • Description: My M&M‘s® chocolate lentils individually designed according to your specifications on lentil colours and printed advertising message, packed into a transparent bag. You can choose between the following combinations: text (2 lines à 9 digits), logo and picture. 1, 2 or 3 different lentil colours – it‘s your choice. There are 15 different lentil colours to choose from. Note: Red and white lentils are not possible as single-variety
  • Format: Approx. 60 x 43 mm
  • Contents: emerald green, green, anise green, yellow, orange, red (not possible as single-variety), fuchsia, pink, purple | blue, blue lagoon, baby blue, white (not possible as single-variety), ivory, grey
  • Minimum Quantity: 10 500 pieces
  • Weight: 4 gr.
  • Best before: Approx.6 months with proper storage
MM's Mini Bag
MM’s Mini Bag

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